Coronavirus: Galway Mayor demands for complete lockdown

By Anamika

Galway Mayor Mike Cubbard demands for a “complete lockdown” to tackle the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The Mayor of Galway explains that he was informed about various house parties, as well as restaurants taking no measures of social distancing forcing him to call out for a lockdown.

“Seeing first hand, the amount of people ignoring the social distancing guidelines it leaves with little choice,” he said.

Mayor Cubbard insists that at this alarming time, the lockdown is not enforced for a “trial run” or a “holiday”.

He insists that during a period of risk to the public health, it is significant to implement better decisions to break the transmission.

The mayors of Dublin, Cork and Galway are raising this call to action from the aftermath of witnessing a surge in large public gatherings and reports of house parties.

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