Pharmacies and shops in Tuam try to replenish stocks of hand sanitiser

Pharmacies in Tuam have had unprecedented demand for sanitising and anti-bacterial products and like similar businesses around the country have been trying to meet continuous requests for gels and face masks.

Pharmacist John Feely of Feely’s Pharmacy in Tuam says they are trying to source replacement stock, but it is difficult.

John Feely says they are also very busy helping customers who come seeking advice about coronavirus and what precautions to take. He said only certain types of hand sanitising products are effective.
“A hand sanitiser with a 60-70% alcohol content has a biocidal effect that kills bacteria and viruses on skin. A higher percentage would irritate skin and a lower percentage would not be effective.

“A face mask won’t prevent picking up the disease. Particles in water vapour can move through the mask. The virus can also enter through the eyes and by touching the face. The masks are intended for people working in healthcare and those infected, to limit infection,” explained John. 

“The virus is not deadly, but those with immune compromises are at a higher risk. The coronavirus is more virulent than the common cold and symptoms can be severe in patients advanced in years. The majority of people will recover with rest, isolation and paracetamol,” he added.