Glenamaddy bog trail approved by county planners

By Keith Faherty

Plans to upgrade a bog trail near Glennamaddy have been given the go-ahead.

These new plans entail facilities such as a new stretch of trail, a new bridge and more parking spaces.

The Frass/Clooncon bog in Cloonlara South, Glennamaddy at the moment has two large loops, which is connected at one point, with the outer part not completed yet.

Map of Frass/Clooncon bog at Cloonlara South.

CLLR Michael Connolly said: “Bog trail will be expanded at Cloonlara south, and a new bridge installed. There will also be more parking spaces.”

This loop will have a new 350m stretch road, and it will extend on parking facilities for both circuits.

A 150m long bridge will be built to the joining of the outer loop of the trial.

We will see up to five new parking spaces to make in available use to alight passengers from their vehicles coming up near an entrance.

Mr Connolly said: “There will be benefit to locals and others who use this and it will help improve the Quality of life and leisure.”

Galway County Council said in November 2019 that the statement must be completed by the Natura impact relating to the car park, over the influence it would have on protected sites.

Galway County Council said in November 2019 that a Natura Impact Statement must be completed before the car park is approved.

The Council approved the car park after receiving a statement in February 2020 along with a screening report.

Mr Connolly said: “The next steps will be to secure funding and I am sure the National Parks And wildlife will be willing to help fund this.”

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