Four coronavirus cases confirmed in Kinvara

By Sharon Dolan D’Arcy

Four people from Kinvara have acquired coronavirus from travelling abroad.

Local minister of State, Ciaran Cannon has told Galway Pulse that two of the patients are being treated in University Hospital Galway. However, it is not yet known which hospital the other two patients are being treated in.

The East Galway TD has said that he received a phone call from Dr Kevin Kelleher, assistant national director of Health Protection at the HSE in relation to Kinvara. 

In a statement on Facebook, Mr Cannon said that Dr Kelleher asked him to inform people in Kinvara that the Coronavirus Expert Advisory Group are aware of the cases diagnosed there and are acting accordingly. 

Dr Kelleher said he understands why the diagnoses will “cause concern within the local community” and so the expert group will communicate by letter to each individual home within the next 48 hours.

The expert group will also communicate directly with the principals of all local schools and will provide them with the necessary advice and guidance on COVID-19. 

Dr Kelleher also assured the TD that they will continue to monitor the situation closely. In relation to those affected, he said:

“Let’s also think of the four people and their families who are dealing with this challenge right now”.

A woman in the east of the country was confirmed as Ireland’s first coronavirus-related death this afternoon.

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