Mayor says “bold” coronavirus decisions need to be made

By Sharon Dolan D’Arcy

Galway city mayor, Mike Cubbard had said that bold decisions need to be made by central government to avoid a huge outbreak of coronavirus.

The mayor, also said that he is ‘”frustrated” that information emerging on the coronavirus is “vague”.

He told the Galway Pulse:

“It took 4 days to cancel the parades and when they did it was initially just Dublin. We need bold decisions to avoid a huge outbreak and need them taken with conviction”.

Locally, a contingency plan is being prepared by Galway City Council on how to best deal with an emergency situation where staffing levels will be at a low level. 

The mayor, in a statement on Facebook also said:

“We need to prepare to have essential services available in a scenario that staff become unwell. From a city council point of view we will limit the level of contact we have and as mentioned, look at putting plans in place to ensure essential services are retained if and when this virus increases drastically”.

He also assured Galway citizens that they will be updated when he receives any further information.

Mr Cubbard’s comments come as he announced the deferral of the Mayoral Ball to 22 May due to the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and to prioritise public health.

Several other local events due to take place in March like the European Day of Early Music concert and the Croí ball have been postponed in recent days, as well as the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Galway. 

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