Galway justice march demands action on human rights issues

By Ashyle Cota

Scores of people marched in the rain from the Spanish Arch to the Liam Mellows statue in Eyre Square on Saturday afternoon to highlight human rights issues.

The aim of the protest was to bring the issues of mental health, the homeless crises, evictions, bullying, including cyberbullying, and suicide to government attention and demand it to take action.

Amplified speeches to highlight pressing human rights issues were made at the Liam Mellows statue. The significance of the site was because of the historical figure’s political values supporting the provision of basic needs of all in society.

Organised by ‘March for Justice Ireland’, the event brought together various activist groups, such as ‘End Homelessness Now’ who were rallying against the homelessness, which affects 10,500 families in the country, of which 4,000 are children.

Also present were ‘One Life Ireland,’ ‘Justice for Kayleigh Ryan’ and ‘Let’s Bring In Coco’s Law’ fighting against bullying and lobbying to make cyberbullying a criminal offence.

Members of the families of three young women who died by suicide, some of whom were from the Travelling community, told harrowing stories of their children’s bullying and mental health experiences.

A group for ‘Justice for the Craigavon 2’ gave voice to two men who have been wrongly imprisoned for murder for 10 years.

The cervical cancer scandal, which relates to the failure to diagnose the illness in women that came to light in 2018 and goes back to 2009, was addressed by the secretary for ‘March for Justice’ while a speech on evictions by banks and vulture funds was given by Paul O’ Scanaill.

At times, the public showed their agreement with the views expressed by cheering or beeping their cars horns.

The march was originally due to take place last Saturday but was cancelled due to the red weather warning caused by Storm Jorge.

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