NUIG urges students to get Mumps vaccination

By Oisin McGovern

NUI Galway has appealed to students to ensure they have received the MMR vaccination.

Student Health Unit Medical Director, Dr Eoin Mac Donnacha said that students must receive at least two doses of the MMR vaccine to ensure protection against mumps.

The university has seen increased rate of diagnosis in it’s student population recently, reflecting the national outbreak.

The rates of diagnosis of mumps has been on the increase since nationally since 2018, with the biggest rise being seen in the 11-30 age group.

A letter from Dr Mac Donnacha read: “The key to prevention and reduction in the spread of Mumps is MMR vaccination. In light of the current outbreak, all students should seek to confirm ASAP with their own GP or local immunisation office, whether they have already received the recommended 2 doses of MMR vaccination.”

The HSE will be providing a free booster doses of the MMR vaccination to all students under the age of 30. These doses can be obtained from the Student Health Unit or any GP.

Dr Mac Donnacha advised any students who develop symptoms not to attend work or school. Students are also advised to contact their GP or the NUIG Student Health Unit.

Further information can be obtained via the NUIG Student Health Unit or contacted on 091 494337 or via the HSE website.

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