The Exiles Galway promotes women in martial arts

By Utku Muratoglu

“Martial arts is often seen as an overly aggressive and macho pursuit, yet anybody can do martial arts,” says Thomas Gorman.

Thomas Gorman, a senior member of the Exiles Galway, says the club is trying to re-ignite forgotten martial arts traditions across the UK and Ireland. “We try and reinterpret some of the lost European martial art traditions. We lost a lot of those traditions, most of them are just forgotten.”

The Exiles Galway is a historical European martial arts club based in Salthill, Galway and they train every Wednesday.

Thomas Gorman explains more about the club

Mr Gorman adds that “It is about self-improvement, fitness, and both body and mental health. We run as a social club and [we are] learning a little bit of history along with it.”

The Exiles Galway is also the host of the Morrigan’s Melee 2020.

Morrigan’s Melee 2020 is an event happening in Galway on 7 March that focusses on “celebrating swords-women in Ireland”.

“It’s a way of encouraging women into martial arts because once again it seems like a male dominant pursuit.”

Mr Gorman adds: “Anyone aged 16 or over is welcome to train with us, previous knowledge of martial arts is an advantage but not required.

“An open mind and positive attitude, along with a willingness to work hard- these are required,” he says.

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