A controversy caused by NUIG Student Union: are bats to blame for coronavirus?

Today, SU Card Subscribers of NUIG received an email from NUIG Student Union. This email is about “Guide to Coronavirus dating” and “10 study tips”. But the ending in the email is quite strange: The student union reminds students “If you ever feel that one person can’t change the world, you’ve never eaten an undercooked bat! ‘ “

Many students are confused as to why changing the world can be linked to eating bats? According to scientific research, the S protein with COVID-19 in bats cannot be directly absorbed by human. The initial patient was infected with COVID-19 by contacting an intermediate host. Bats are not to blame for coronavirus. But so far, we still do not know what animal this intermediate host is.

This email from the NUIG student union caused students to wonder: Does this email cause people to mistakenly think that eating bats will infect COVID-19? Why does the student union send such an e-mail that deviates from science to NUIG students? What kind of people are managing the Student Union’s team?

The manager of NUIG student union may think this is a funny meme. However, as an official student institution of a national university with a long history, should we work harder to pursue academic rigour?

Some students who received this email said they look forward to the reply from the NUIG student union on this matter.

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