Mental health identified as a key issue by local jobseekers in Galway

By Anamika Sunil

49% of people revealed that their mental health has suffered because of their job.

The fear of retaliation and loss of jobs reportedly encourages bullying behavioural patterns at work. 5% of people surveyed who raised the dilemma were not satisfied with the actions taken by their employer.

Despite such cases being reported frequently, the justification for that criticism is countered with implementing a “leadership style” in management to produce more efficient work. 32% have claimed that unreasonable working demands have created a gap in open communication which continues to generate a hostile work culture.

Furthermore, 29% of people revealed that the housing crisis has added more pressure on potential job seekers with the rent hike and lack of infrastructure being significant issues.

Finally, 51% claimed that they would consider leaving their current employer if given the right job. They cited living costs as a major concern.

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