UPDATE: Students’ Union to meet with NUIG administrators regarding rent hikes

Talks to break the deadlock regarding proposed rent increases for NUIG accommodation will take place soon.

Student’s Union President Clare Austick is scheduled to meet with the NUIG President and the Campus Accommodation Board to reach a solution to the controversy.

Students have reacted negatively to the decision to increase the cost of renting on-campus by the maximum rate of 4%.

At the time of writing, a petition by NUIG Student’s Union calling on the college to revoke the 4% rent hike has gathered over 1,500 signatures.

A statement from Student’s Union read:

“By applying the maximum 4% increase in a rent pressure zone, the University is exploiting 19,000 students and their families who already cannot afford the rents they are forced to pay. This means that from September onwards, a single room in  Goldcrest student accommodation will be €750 a month.”

Increased costs

NUIG’s Campus Living team issued a statement explaining that the increases are due to increased operating costs.

“Increased  charges are  driven by increasing operating costs and costs associated with upgrading and development.  Since 2017, €3.8m was invested in the Corrib Village residence and there is more significant investment planned while the  development of new accommodation continues, 674 new beds will open in  2021/2022 the latter will also be  funded by  borrowing.”

The statement also claimed that they provided the cheapest accommodation of any university in Ireland.

“The University has a range of price points to meet the needs of a wide range of students, and our on-campus accommodation is among the lowest priced of any University in Ireland.  Our residences also provide significant additional student-centred and pastoral support, with 24-hour on site personnel and our ethos is to support students as they transition to independent living.  We will continue to liaise with our students on supports for those in need.”

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