NUIG Campus Living Team Issue Statement on Accommodation Rent Increase

NUI Galway Campus Living team has issued a statement through the college’s press office in relation to the rent hike controversy:

“The University has a range of price points to meet the needs of a wide range of students, and our on-campus accommodation is among the lowest priced of any University in Ireland.  Our residences also provide significant additional student-centred and pastoral support, with 24-hour on site personnel and our ethos is to support students as they transition to independent living.  We will continue to liaise with our students on supports for those in need.”

“There are seven different bedroom types in Corrib Village and there are different rates associated with each type,   the 2020/2021 price points range from a weekly rate of €100.80 to €163.50 for a double en-suite which represent an average 3% increase on previous year.  The Goldcrest Village rates are marginally higher and this 429 bed accommodation complex which opened in 2018 is more modern, energy efficient and is funded by borrowing.”

“Increased  charges are  driven by increasing operating costs and costs associated with upgrading and development.  Since 2017,  €3.8m was invested in the Corrib Village residence and there is more significant investment planned while the  development of new accommodation continues, 674 new beds will open in  2021/2022 the latter will also be  funded by  borrowing.”   


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