Students’ Union Outraged at NUIG 4% Student Rent Hike

By Qin Ding

The NUI Galway Students’ Union is outraged at a four per cent increase in student accommodation rent for 2020/21.

The increase means that from September a single room in the campus Goldcrest student accommodation will be €750 a month. The Student’s Union believe this will leave 19,000 students and their families unable to afford the rents.

“We are outraged that in the midst of an accommodation crisis the University is again looking to profit from the desperation of students looking for accommodation,” Students’ Union President Clare Austick said.

“We meet students everyday who have to work two or more part-time jobs to stay in college, students who commute huge distances, students who can’t afford decent accommodation and students who aren’t in college who should be.”

NUI Galway recently launched their 2020-25 Strategy to much fanfare highlighting “affordable and sustainable on-campus accommodation for our students” as a key “priority” in “Building for the Future”.

But a statement given to Galway Pulse from the NUIG Student’s Union read:

“However, the University has shown that it is more focused on commercial gain rather than actually supporting students. Between having the 8th highest fees in the world, insufficient grant support and the rising cost of accommodation, students are struggling like never before.”

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