Valentine’s Day: our pick of the cheap and cheerful discount store offers to set your Galway pulse racing

By Blathnaid O’Dea

It’s Friday of RAG week and you wake up in a lather of sweat. Herself/Himself is standing over you and you realise, as their shadow darkens your aching brow, that you’ve only gone and forgotten Valentine’s Day… again.

Lifting your pounding head from your drool-stained pillow, you mumble several (unprintable) words and vomit very inelegantly on your beloved’s feet.

As you look pitifully from their face to the chunks of semi-digested Supermacs on their lovely white Airmax, you realise there’s a slight chance you remembered to pick up a little something in, er, Lidl a few days ago that might just make up for everything.

Discount chains like Lidl and Aldi don’t immediately come to mind when most of us think of romance, but perhaps they should.

Read our handy – not handsy! – guide to gift-giving on Valentine’s Day, and Himself/Herself might find it in their heart to forgive you for any RAG week induced misdemeanours.

You’ll still have a bit left in the budget to buy a bottle of Buckfast, don’t worry..


Lidl is celebrating ‘Galentines’ with offers on pyjamas – because women love friends and comfort. They’ve got something for the lads too though, don’t worry.

What caught our eye was the Prosecco and box of chocolates package deal for €8. At that price Galway Pulse would consider buying it for themselves. We’d think of it as an investment, and you should too.

Don’t drink Prosecco on an empty stomach though – pick up a pizza heart and consider yourself sorted for a Valentine’s evening in for under a tenner.

If your beloved is a bit harder to please, or if they don’t like chocolate, pizza, or cheap booze (is there such a person?) get them some relatively inexpensive flowers:


Say it with a sloth; they’ll be reminded of you every time they look at it. This little fellow will set you back a fiver and its t-shirt says “I love you sloth much.”

If your finances are a little sloth-like after RAG week consider investing your last 99c in a fun romantic themed game! (I know, I know, that sounds worse than the worst, most horrific hangover). Aldi has these two games, one is aimed at getting to know your lover better; the other is a collection of love tokens.


If you’re trying to play it cool this Valentine’s Day, or you want to reuse the gift again the following year – you might be from Cavan, and there is no judgment here – get a bouquet of fake roses in Dealz. Go on, chance your arm!

This last one is for all the lonely hearts club members. Thanks to the good people at Dealz nobody has to be alone for Valentine’s Day this year. If you’re flying solo you can buy a grow your own girlfriend or boyfriend kit. All you have to is add water, but, then, there’s always a catch isn’t there.

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