Spiddal to host Galway 2020 Event

Galway 2020 is fast approaching and preparations are already well underway out in Spiddal.

The official launch takes place in Galway city on the 8th of February and will feature a number of intimate events.

However, Spiddal has its own unique programme of events in store.

A small event will take place in Connemara town to mark the occasion. There will be a cast of 40+ from the area who will chant and drumming and carrying fire and turf.

There will be a small stage down at the Seanchéibh, and there will be a lighting ceremony held down there. A local band will perform and pieces of poetry will be read.

Aodán MacDonnacha committee chairman of An Spidéail said: ‘’It’s our 2020 event here, we might not have time to go into Galway, on a busy Saturday evening, we have something here of our own, weather permitting”.

Aodán McDonnacha interview

He also stresses the importance of the Irish language in maintaining the cities bilingual status and in preserving the culture and heritage of both Galway city and the surrounding Gaeltacht.

Galway City Council has recently pumped €2.5 million in emergency funds into Galway 2020 amid cost overruns. At a time when Galway is gripped by its own housing and homelessness crisis, some might say the money may be better spent on social services.

Mr MacDonnacha argued:  “I believe there is budget their for the homelessness crisis, but the additional €2.5m, invested in Galway 2020 events which will draw a lot of visitors to Galway over next year. The government and Galway 2020 will make massive amounts of money income from VAT due to the inevitable boost in footfall that the event will bring to businesses in Galway. The €2.5 million will pay for itself with all the extra visitors it will bring to the city.”

“The ceremony will be a good thing for our parish in Spiddal. It will promote our town in a certain way, more people will visit the area and they will undoubtedly attract them to visit the parish again in the future. This will be a huge benefit for the town and doesn’t cost us a penny which is also a good thing. Spiddal is always quite at Christmas so it’s nice to see this happening and being part of it is a significant honour.”

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