Live- Claire Byrne’s Leaders’ Debate 2020


Irish Political Leaders discussing the big issues before Election 2020 during Claire Bryne Live.

23: 30 That is all for the debate, stay in touch for the reactions and more detailed analysis on Galway Pulse.

23:24 Roisin Shorthall says increasing carbon tax must not impoverish people.

23:18 Mary Lou McDonald says “the way we are going, there won’t be any more family farms”.

23: 16 Varadkar says “there are a few nutters in every party”, including his own.

23:14 Eamon Ryan says The Green Party will protect the family farm.

23:12 Eamon Ryan says he wants to pay farmers properly. Current policies are “not working”.

23:11 Roisin Shorthall says what the people want in this country is decent services.

23:10 Mary Lou McDonald labels Martin and Varadkar “tweedle dum tweedle dee “.

23:09 Michael Martin says “every single item in our manifesto is fully costed”.

23:03 Michael Martin attacks Sinn Fein, for voting to raise the pension age to 66 in Northern Ireland.

22:58 Richard Boyd-Barett says Starbucks paid no tax while having a profit of 1bn last year.

22:53 Mary Lou McDonald says reducing pension age to 65 “has to be done”.

22:50 Mary Lou McDonald attacks Varadkar’s fiscal responsibility claim, saying “he is building the most expensive hospital in the world”.

22: 47 Varadkar says tax cuts are “not a bribe”.

22:45 Brendon Howlin rules out tax cuts but says solving the housing and health crisis will be a priority.

22:36 Roisin Shorthall attacks Fine Gael: “This government abandoned poor and disadvantaged communities to do community policing cutbacks”.

22:29 Varadkar says Fine Gael won’t reopen old Gardai stations but won’t close anymore.

22:28 Varadkar says “there will be no long pauses” while discussing drugs.

22:25 Eamon Ryan called for “drugs to be dealt with in a health-based system”.

22:21 Michael Martin calls for the restoration of community Gardai stations.

22:19 Varadkar says 50000 new homes have been built while He has been Taoiseach.

22:16 Mary Lou McDonald applauded for attacking Michael Martin for supporting Fine Gael policies.

22:10 Richard Boyd-Barett attacks the sale of 40bn of a public asset to vulture funds by NAMA.

22:09 Varadkar says 60000 social houses will be built over the next five years.

22:06 Brendan Howlin calls for a rent freeze to a round of applause from the audience.

22:04 Mary Lou McDonald calls for 100000 houses to be built in the “biggest housing program in the history of the state”.

21:59 Leo Varadkar claims “Help to Buy scheme has helped between 15000 and 16000 people to buy a home”.

21:57 Brendan Howlin attacks Fianna Fail for “hollowing out” the construction of social houses during the boom.

21:56 Michael Martin pledges to build 50000 public houses.

21:53 Eamon Ryan says climate action will require “a radical and tough decisions”.

21:49 Richard Boyd-Barett, of People Before Profit, condemns Labour for imposing “crippling austerity” while in government.

21:47 Brendan Howlin reminds Labor voters to transfer their votes to the Social Democrats and to the Greens, to create a “progressive government”.


21:43 Leo Varadkar rules out coalition with Sinn Fein saying “they are soft on crime and high on taxes”.

21:30 The debate has just started.

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