Galway has inadequate resources to tackle drugs

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Drug usage is expanding in the west of Galway.

The number of people caught with the possession of drugs is increasing day by day.

Drug dealing is happening a lot in the west of our county.

In preventing this from happening, Gardaí need to be put out on patrol, people’s lives are threatened.

With the general election coming up, TDs have been discussing how drug addiction and abuse can be prevented.

Independent TD Noel Grealish suggested not enough resources out there, more resources need to be done to tackle the drug problem.

If you look back over the last decade, he said, every parish and the small village would have a local Garda out controlling their local area who would know if there were any usage of drugs or people selling drugs.

Noel Grealish said, “One thing that has to be done – and this is crucial – is amongst the public out there, particularly the students.

If they see anybody dealing drugs or selling drugs, or know of anybody that’s dealing or selling drugs, get on to the Garda confidential line; give them that person’s name, give the contact details if they have them.”

There are more drug raids in Galway city happening, particularly one that occurred a few months recently back.

People’s lives put in danger.                                                

Putting more undercover activity in place will reduce this matter.

He recommends, he gets elected they will need to address this issue and to improve it.

We will then have a stable government and will also need to rely on the Minister for Justice and the Garda Síochana to get this issue solved as quickly as possible.

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