UHG Trolley numbers on the rise


By Cathriona Coleman

According to numbers issued by  Trolley Gar (Government body trolley watch) there were 47 patients in total on trolleys Monday 25/3.This put UHG in second place in the country with University Hospital Waterford being the highest at 31, further adding to the nationwide crises whereby people can face wait times of up to 10 hours.

The numbers of those attending the Emergency Department is up on last year going from 23,408 in 2018, to 25,021 for March 2019.This therefore showing an increase of almost 7%.

The latest HSE statement issued 26/3 has said ‘The number of patients attending Emergency Departments continues to increase year on year.

While the majority of patients who attend Emergency Departments receive treatment and are discharged home, 20-30% of patients need to be admitted to hospital for further treatment and care.’

The INMO (Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation) has said that they are doing all they can in what proves to be very difficult circumstances. They are stretched to the maximum and under resourced as it is, therefore doing everything possible to ensure all patients are treated accordingly.

During December 2018 the country’s hospital reached a state of crises point whereby the public were advised not to attend hospitals unless absolutely necessary.

At this time the country’s hospital had experienced a national flu outbreak.

It was advised at the time that people go to their own local Doctors first to prevent trolley shortages.

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