Playwright and poet Adam Wyeth to give talk at NUI Galway

Playwright and poet Adam Wyeth will discuss his work and relationship with Celtic mythology in event at NUI Galway this Thursday, March 28.

Mr Wyeth told Galway Pulse that he feels the creative process to writing poems and plays is quite similar.

“For me, I think all imaginative literature and how I write it, it’s kind of the same,” said Mr Wyeth.

He said he is more interested in metaphorical narratives rather than linear ones. One of his favourite writing exercises is speed writing, in which he writes without worrying about grammer, as fast as he can. He pointed out that sometimes a lot can come out of that.

“It’s like automatic writing where you just write as fast as you can…It’s about unloading minds, not worrying about grammer or spelling,” he said.

He also said his writing style is instinctive and that he enjoys letting the characters tell him where the story is going.

His most recent play, Apartment Block, was prompted by Mr Wyeth’s initial idea of a man coming home to his wife, who tells him she met someone by entering the wrong apartment. He said he let the narrative lead him and that he ended up writing the play rather quickly based on that spark.

Apartment Block is mainly about a married couple’s relationship. The story kicks off when Lilian, the wife, meets their downstairs neighbour by accidentally entering his apartment instead of hers.

She then becomes friendly with him and every night when her husband James comes home, she tells him of her encounters with the newcomer, inducing some jealousy on James.

As the plot develops, the psychological layers of the relationship are explored through memory, identity and love games aspects.

“The memory goes back as well, cause you’re not sure of the games they are playing. Between James and Lilian, there’s a sort of love game element, but it’s also more psychological because it appears later on in the play that there’s a bit of a suppressed abuse of some kind,” he said.

Adam Wyeth has published three books, Silent Music (2011), The Hidden World of Poetry: Unravelling Celtic Mythology in Contemporary Irish Poetry (2013) and The Art of Dying (2016).

Apartment Block is Mr Wyeth’s fourth play and was shown in Berlin and New York in 2017.

He will give a talk about his work as an Associate Artist of the Civic Theatre, his creative process and relationship with Celtic Myth at NUI Galway on Thursday March 28 at 5 pm.

The event was organised by Modernist Studies Ireland and actress Paula McGlinchey will read from Mr Wyeth’s play Apartment Block after the talk.

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