City Buskers Protest Over Bylaws

“If the buskers were to go it’d be a shocking indictment on us at City Hall,said
Councillor Cathal Ó’Conchúir during the City Busker’s protest today.

Galway City’s Buskers took to the streets today in a bid to prevent proposed bylaws. Large crowds turned out in support of the buskers both at Eyre Square and right down to the Spanish Arch where the protest finished up.

At the protest and pledging his full support was local Sinn Féin Councillor for Galway West Cathal Ó’Conchúir. He said “I’m 100% behind the Buskers here today, they’re the life and soul of Galway City and of Shop Street. I support them at Council level, it’s a pit that only nine councillors have backed them, if the buskers were to go it’d be a shocking indictment on us at City, hopefully we’ll get the legislation through that the buskers want.”

“Fingers crossed with the new Council we can put all those silly bylaws to bed, enough is enough, we need to make changes.”

Galway City Hall are for some time now trying to ban musicians from using amps and or drumming equipment after 6 pm. However, and particularly at this time of year, it is mostly evening and the night-time that the streets start to fill up with Galway festival season in full mode.

One part of the act states that the so-called busking community “shall not act, say, do or sing anything that is likely to cause alarm, distress or offence to any member of the public, any business owner or occupier, the council and/or any member of an Garda Síochána.”

Musician Merla said “we are hoping for the City Council to reconsider these bylaws, we would love for them to work with them, these proposed bylaws massively restrict our music and our living.”

“Another one of these laws is that we are not allowed to sing or say anything offensive, this is so subjective, if these bylaws are implemented, we can be shut down at any moment.”

“Our message here today is to show City Hall that this is not acceptable, the crowds have showed up, it speaks for itself, they can’t just bring in these laws just like that,” added Merla.

For a good many years now in Galway, musicians are not known to disrupt the peace either by playing music or bothering the crowd.

One supporter, Jessy Bennett said “the Galway Council cannot let go of the Buskers, they are what makes this city, without them there’s nothing, we need the buskers for tourism, and they make the streets fun and exciting for all ages.”

Musician Brendan said “we are hoping to achieve the cancellation of these draconian laws. They don’t even make sense, all power to everyone who’s showed up today in support of our protest.”

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