“I’m going to continue drumming while I love it”

Local man sets the tone for mindfulness in the community by offering drumming workshops.

Community Spirit Drumming was set up in 2011 by local man Eamon Carrick and has being growing from strength to strength since then. Eamon holds workshops on a regular basis and occasionally provides these services to the likes of Connacht Rugby and the Irish women’s rugby team.

He does emphasise however that his workshops are available to all walks of life and not just rugby teams. In the past, he has done workshops for local schools as well as hen parties.

Eamon says “I started a few years ago. I was going to classes myself and then I did a research project on music while I was doing Social Studies. I was doing it in the community at the time.I was doing this as a past time initially because I was also doing youth-work, people had suggested starting something up.”

In terms of the past workshops which went well, Eamon says “I’ve done them for Connacht Rugby, for the Irish Rugby team, the under 20s Irish Rugby team, I’ve done a lot of schools and parties, all things are considered.”

“I like drumming outside too when the weather allows which is unpredictable in Galway,” he added.

Recent reports have suggested that drumming can be used as a form of both stress and tension relief. This may be said to be true according to Brothers Mitch and Cillian who show up when they can.

Mitch says “I know Eamon from a past fundraising event for mental health, I love meeting new people and blown off some steam, I find it great for tension release, it really works too.”

Cillian adds “I find it’s a great way to connect with yourself, like it creates a channel, Eamon is very welcoming, it’s literally you and the beat and the rhythm, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s something nice to do away from the pub and it’s proactive and enjoyable.”

Eamon also runs workshops for communions, transition year students, festivals and lots of other groups besides. One other person at the group has said it has helped on many levels with their anger issues and would highly recommend this form of therapy to anyone that’s unsure.

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