NUIG Creates History As Campus Hosts Pride Parade

On the 13th of March, National University of Ireland Galway, created history as it became the first campus in the country to host a pride parade. The event was organised by the GIG Society which is the on campus LGBTQA society.

The parade started from the Alice Perry Engineering Building and a large crowd made its way through the campus. They eventually made their way to the Bailey Allen Hall where a gathering was held, and a few speeches were made.

Oissine Moore, the co-auditor of GIG Soc, said of the event, “Today was to show the visibility of the LGBT students and staff in NUIG. We want to show others that we are here and that we want to be represented. We are incredibly happy with the turnout today and from the staff as well.”

The gathering saw a number of people give speeches on a variety of topics relating to the LGBT experience. Megan Reilly, President of the Students Union said, “When I was asked to be part of the pride parade, I immediately said yes. I am a big fan of the work that the GIG Soc are doing and wanted to show my support. Thank you for coming today and showing that we can make a difference.”

An initiative known as the Ally Network was launched on the day with staff member Chris Noone inaugurating it. He went on to add, “This network is there to support any of the LGBT staff that are a part of this campus. We hope to do some meaningful work in the forthcoming days.”

An issue that was brought up during the event was the need for more LGBT safe spaces in the city of Galway. The GIG Soc along with LGBT organisation Teach Solais promised to work towards providing students in particular with these facilities.

The Bank of Ireland had a representative at NUIG who spoke about the company’s pride partnership. She said, “We do not discriminate on the basis of someone’s choices. The Bank of Ireland is an open and safe space for any LGBT person looking for employment.”

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