Expansion of Promised Dominick Street Hotel Badly Needed According to Sinn Féin City Councillor

Galway City West Councillor Cathal Ó Conchúir disagrees with Galway City Council’s decision to reject the proposed hotel on Dominick Street, citing that the city needs more accommodation with Galway 2020 right around the corner.

On Friday, Galway Bay FM Newsroom reported that, “The city council’s decision to refuse permission to add 9 additional bedrooms to a proposed hotel planned for Dominick Street, has been appealed to An Bórd Pleanála.” (GBFM).

“I think there is an issue there is parking. A hotel is badly needed in the city centre. We are stuck for beds in the city at the moment and we have Galway 2020 coming up and we will more and more beds for this event.” Ó Conchúir told Galway Pulse.

“It’s impossible to go underground, like Jury’s or a few of the other places. The street is very narrow, but I think there is room for the likes of Airbnb, where people will be staying overnight. The Galway Arms is just up the road and it does that kind of thing too, even though, it is not a hotel as such, but it does provide accommodation.”

“Tourism is expanding in the city with the Wild Atlantic Way and all that. So, hopefully sense will prevail and we will have a hotel there.” Ó Conchúir said.

According to Galway Bay FM, the extension would be located at no. 39 and 41 to Dominick Street, and it would involve developing a fourth floor extension containing nine additional hotel bedrooms with a lounge area, to a previously permitted hotel development.

“There’s a lot of rooms above it that would need to be renovated. As far as I know it is a listed building and it is difficult to get listed buildings changed in any way. So, if there were any changes to the inside or the outside it wouldn’t be allowed,” Ó Conchúir said.

Ó Conchúir hopes whatever issues the planners had will be overcome and that the applicants will modify their application to suit the planners.

According to Galway Bay FM, the applicants are Carroll’s Inn Ltd, who own Carroll’s pub on 39 Dominick Street.

It is not yet known when An Bórd Pleanála will make their decision on the appeal.

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