Many Left Powerless As Stormy Weather Intensifies

The recent weather conditions have left many households without power for an extended period of time. Stormy conditions have become more common in the past week and the adverse conditions have led to this situation arising.

Areas affected by the power failure include Salthill, Mountbellew, and Maam— all of which come under County Galway. Other areas such as Moycullen suffered damage to their water supply levels.

The Electricity Supply Board has promised to return the affected areas to a state of normalcy at the earliest. They said, “We are working hard at the moment to bring back power and water to any area that has suffered as a result of the weather. This will be done at the earliest possible time”

Residents living closer to the city and on the east side did not experience any such effects due to the weather. What could make the task a little harder is the weather forecast that has been put out for the county and much of the country.

Rain is set to become widespread and showers will be more common with each passing day. The Met Eireann forecast says that there will be strong and gusty winds blowing through the west and northwest regions of Galway.

Dealing with this kind of weather is a challenge but doing it without power can become that much harder. The ESB wants to help people stuck in such a scenario and promise to do all they can rectify all the damaged areas.

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