Election Poster Ban Fails at City Council

Councillor Pearce Flannery’s propsal to limit election posters to certain areas was denied at a Monday night council meeting.

The motion to ban the free use of election posters in Galway failed to pass at the March 11 council meeting.

The motion was initially proposed by Fine Gael Councillor Pearce Flannery in order to improve road safety and environmental issues. His plan was to regulate the use of posters to specific sites that would be set forth by the council.

“In my view this is a great pity. It may result in everybody now having to erect posters in order to get elected. This makes a mockery of the commitment the Tidy Towns initiative and to our Green Leaf City Status,” he said. “Clearly personal ambition is more important than supporting the public good.”

Some councillors expressed support for the proposal, but said that Galway was not ready for a posterless election.

The proposal would have granted a designated space in each ward for those running, and each candidate would have been given equal space at city hall.

Currently, 101 municipal areas in Ireland have undergone similar initiatives. The proposal was defeated by a vote of 12 to 5.

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